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Your New Platform for Conversation

Host your own conversations to share expertise, meet new collaborators, and expand your business community.

Virtual Lounges

Transforming Conversation.

Create your own space to hold conversation and connect with others. Your virtual lounge can be broadcast to a live audience or used in private. Use your lounge to hold the conversations that matter to you!

asked questions

Q: What is liveconvos? 

liveconvos is a platform for live conversations. These conversations are hosted in personal lounges that can be broadcast publicly or kept private. What is important is the conversations are live, interactive, and able to be published afterwards.

Q: Is liveconvos a live streaming platform?

Not really. Although, liveconvos makes it extremely simple to broadcast live. Our platform is dedicated to conversations. Typically, live streams are one-sided and focused on watching a presenter. liveconvos is a space for interactive dialogue to take place. Particularly, around business, technology, and our future.

Q: What's the best way to use liveconvos?

Hosting your own interactive conversations and interacting with the liveconvos community is the best way to start. Invite teammates and friends to co-host your conversations, or open your lounge to the community. Members can find your conversation and join live. We recommend creating a reoccurring series to build a consistent following.

Q: What should I talk about?

Whatever matters the most to you! The platform has a focus on businesses, technologies, and future-looking ideas. You can expect the community to have diverse interests, but these core categories will be consistent for most.

Q: How can I use liveconvos for my business?

liveconvos is fundamentally built to align businesses, individuals, and solutions. Similar to a booth at a conference, lounges are your virtual space to promote and interactive on behalf of your business. Lounges are designed to grow and more deeply engage your business network. It's your space to meet interested individuals in real-time, publish informative content, and ultimately raise your business's voice.

Q: What does our future look like?

Our guiding vision is to be the go to space to network and consume business content. We think conversations are invaluable, and want to do everything we can to share the good ones with the world. Right now, we are in public beta and upgrading the experience everyday. A few upgrades soon to be installed include: improved social media publishing, lounge personalizations, and 3rd party calendar integrations. Connect with for questions, ideas, or support.

Code of Conduct

Less Monologue, More Dialogue

It is hard to imagine creating value without dialogue. That’s why our platform is focused on creating value through conversation. 

We invite you to create as much value as you can on the platform and maintain our house rules.

The conversation is our vibe. Keep it authentic, curious, friendly, genuine, open-minded (its a conversation), and respectful.

We do not tolerate harassment, in any form. 

Liveconvos is a space for meaningful conversations around business, technology, and our future.

When in someone’s lounge, you agree to:

Keep it professional and intellectual.
Respect others’ rights, privacy, wishes, boundaries, and requests.
Do not aggressively push your own solutions, causes, products, or, services, 
If you see something, say something. Please contact us at

Prohibited behaviors on Liveconvos:

Invasion of privacy by taking photos or screenshots of anything without express permission.
Being disruptive, stalking, or threatening anyone.
Abuse of power (including abuses related to position, wealth, race, or gender).
Behavior that discriminates against a group or class of people for any reason.
Sexual harassment of any kind or level, including unwelcome sexual attention.
Attending conversations while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

To report an incident:

If, while using liveconvos, you have been involved or have witnessed an incident that violates the Code of Conduct, please contact us at Share as much information as you can to help us make a thorough investigation of the incident.